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Does work keep getting in the way of getting your work done?

Posted on by Temple Sutfin

11949849751056341160traffic.jpegTemple’s Trivia:  It’s Friday afternoon, and Boss #12 comes to your office wanting to know the status of that report…  And did you take care of this contract with the customer from that company?  Do you:

  1. Explain that you sent that information out last week and you’re still waiting for responses from several key respondents.
  2. Say, “I was just finishing an email to you about that,” then feign leprosy or Ebola exposure so you can be excused for the afternoon to catch a baseball game, hoping Boss #12 forgets the question.
  3. Start calling coworkers, vendors, contractors, or more and ask the exact same question in hopes that someone, somewhere has a copy of an email on something.
  4. The question is not asked at all since Boss #12 logged into Trident’s Poseidon portal and had the answer 10 minutes ago.

It’s a tricky call.  On the one hand, option B could allow you to have an incredible day off (think Ferris Bueller).   On the other hand, trying to get a day’s work done can be difficult if work keeps getting in the way!

Who has the time to spend hours or even days tracking down assets, contracts, vendors or related information?  Ideally, option D would be the answer every time.  In fact, I find that a successful employee is able to retire before anyone learns their name.  Why?  Because they are so efficient, no one needs to track them down and ask them questions.  Alright, so that isn’t really true, but if you have access to the information at your fingertips, why contact that employee?

One of the great things about Trident’s Poseidon system is its ability to be something helpful/useful/valuable to everyone as a central repository to hold all the data.  Thanks to an overwhelming need for option D, we have an end to end solution for administration, document and workflow management.  It’s an exciting time at Trident.

The expansion of Trident’s development team has allowed for enhanced catering to individual client’s needs.  In fact, recently we launched a new landing page for several of our clients in Poseidon.  Now, when logging in, they can see a dashboard of their most pressing Maintenance or Contract Renewals.  We call this the “stoplight page” because it breaks down renewals coming due into red, yellow, and green categories based on their renewal date.  Every day we strive to add cost effective elements for our clients that takes the work out of their workday.  This particular innovative view increases the speed in which a question can be answered.  It also allows other users to log in and view the same information, so they too have a real time view of what is happening.

Ingenious!  Now you can answer questions before they get asked.  With all that work getting done, you will have a lot more free time at work to … uhhhm …  work.

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