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Even Bank of America Struggles with Managing Their Entitlements

Posted on by Brett Armstrong

I saw a recent article posted on the ITAM Review LinkedIn Discussion Group that indicated TIBCO is suing Bank of America for $300 Million for improper use of their software.  This is a perfect example of how almost every company struggles with managing software entitlements.  Weekly, I see license agreement addenda that reference the 199x […]

Trident – Interesting Client Project – Vendor On-Boarding

Posted on by Todd Steiner

Bringing a new vendor into your organization requires a series of activities.  Most companies have a checklist of items they require (NDA, W-9, Certificate of Insurance…) before they can do business together.  The process is manual and prone to errors or incomplete documentation.  We thought it should be easier and made it as simple as […]

Trident – Interesting Client Projects

Posted on by Todd Steiner

Over the past 10+ years, Trident’s end-to-end contract management offering has helped hundreds of clients solve internal vendor/contract management challenges.  A majority of these projects have focused on centralizing information and allowing technology to help them proactively manage their internal processes.  That is still the core of our business but there have been so many […]

Vendor/Contract Management – The Underrated Value of Simple

Posted on by Todd Steiner

Perhaps my favorite thing about working at Trident is helping clients of all sizes and across all industries try and tackle an age-old issue – vendor/contract management.  Although the stories of prior failed attempts by our clients are vastly different in range and scope, they are all remarkably common in one area – they all […]

On Your Terms: Sit Down With Vendors on Your Schedule!

Posted on by Brett Armstrong

How does someone begin to develop a vendor management program? If you ask Dell for their “Top Tips for Better IT Vendor Management” they say “Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry.”  Essentially, their premise is the worst time to try and manage your vendor is when you need something from them.  I could not disagree more.  […]

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