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Even Bank of America Struggles with Managing Their Entitlements

Posted on by Brett Armstrong

I saw a recent article posted on the ITAM Review LinkedIn Discussion Group that indicated TIBCO is suing Bank of America for $300 Million for improper use of their software.  This is a perfect example of how almost every company struggles with managing software entitlements.  Weekly, I see license agreement addenda that reference the 199x […]

Decreasing Risk and Increasing Odds of Success in Contract Management

Posted on by Brett Armstrong

  Please follow the link below to view our latest white paper. Decreasing Risk and Increasing Odds of Success in Contract Management Why are contracts so essential to running a business?  They define our relationships with customers, partners, and vendors.  Without proper contract management, all aspects of requirements, entitlements and parameters of new and existing […]

Trident – Interesting Client Projects

Posted on by Todd Steiner

Over the past 10+ years, Trident’s end-to-end contract management offering has helped hundreds of clients solve internal vendor/contract management challenges.  A majority of these projects have focused on centralizing information and allowing technology to help them proactively manage their internal processes.  That is still the core of our business but there have been so many […]

Cloud Computing – Revolutionizing the Way we Work (and Play)

Posted on by Andy Peters

We are all familiar with the many ways cloud computing has revolutionized our use of technology in the office, at home, and on the go.  Whether it’s using Trident’s Poseidon portal (built on the platform), streaming movies and television shows at home via Netflix, or Apple’s iCloud services on your iPhone or iPad, cloud computing has […]

Does work keep getting in the way of getting your work done?

Posted on by Temple Sutfin

Temple’s Trivia:  It’s Friday afternoon, and Boss #12 comes to your office wanting to know the status of that report…  And did you take care of this contract with the customer from that company?  Do you: Explain that you sent that information out last week and you’re still waiting for responses from several key respondents. Say, “I was just finishing an email to you […]

Complex Tax Issues in IT Don’t Always Require Complex Solutions

Posted on by Andy Peters

Perhaps the only consistency regarding sales tax is its inconsistency. Each and every state has nuanced rules when it comes to what sales are taxable and at what rate. Some municipalities add another layer on top of what the state already levies. In today’s economic climate, the state and local tax men are leaving no […]

Biting the Binary Tongue

Posted on by Temple Sutfin

“Temple, why not write a blog for Trident?” They said. “Anything in particular you would like me to write about?” I asked. “Whatever you would like.” They replied. Where do I start? Naturally, when a solution eludes me, I turn to the foremost authority on the universe and its mysterious workings. Yep, I “Googled” it. It turns out […]

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Contract Management Process

Posted on by Todd Steiner

There are three components to every effective contract management solution – People, Technology, and Process. People and Technology are as important to the overall success of your program as two legs of a stool but Process is the glue – and third leg of the stool – that pulls everything together. In other words, if you unable […]

Your Contract Management Central Source of Truth Left. Now What?

Posted on by Todd Steiner

There’s one in every organization. The go-to person people ask a question of first when they don’t know the answer. This person knows where you buy paper clips, who to call to get the copier jam fixed, when preventative maintenance is due on your air conditioning units, and what it is going to cost to […]

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