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Posted on by Todd Steiner

Over the past 10+ years, Trident’s end-to-end contract management offering has helped hundreds of clients solve internal vendor/contract management challenges.  A majority of these projects have focused on centralizing information and allowing technology to help them proactively manage their internal processes.  That is still the core of our business but there have been so many interesting projects that I thought it was time I shared a few of them with you.  I will do my best to post a new and exciting project that we are working on every month.

Department: Procurement

Challenge: To receive consistent responses from Contract Owners during the maintenance, warranty, and lease review and renewal processes

Solution: Trident worked with the client to auto-generate an email to Contract Owners 90 days in advance of the maintenance, warranty, or lease expiration dates.  The email contained a link to an eForm that the Contract Owner could complete (i.e. Yes/No – need ongoing maintenance, Increase/Decrease number of licenses, and all the other questions they were manually emailing).   The Procurement team would receive an email with a PDF version of the responses as well as automatically update the fields within the vendor/manufacturer record.  If the Contract Owner did not respond, a series of escalating emails was scheduled to go out until a response is received.

Benefit: The Procurement team spends no time generating contract renewal information requests to Contract Owners, receives a significantly higher response rate from Contract Owners, receives responses in a consistent format, and tracks results based on the amount of additional time they had to work with their vendors.


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