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Even Bank of America Struggles with Managing Their Entitlements

Posted on by Brett Armstrong

I saw a recent article posted on the ITAM Review LinkedIn Discussion Group that indicated TIBCO is suing Bank of America for $300 Million for improper use of their software.  This is a perfect example of how almost every company struggles with managing software entitlements.  Weekly, I see license agreement addenda that reference the 199x […]

Decreasing Risk and Increasing Odds of Success in Contract Management

Posted on by Brett Armstrong

  Please follow the link below to view our latest white paper. Decreasing Risk and Increasing Odds of Success in Contract Management Why are contracts so essential to running a business?  They define our relationships with customers, partners, and vendors.  Without proper contract management, all aspects of requirements, entitlements and parameters of new and existing […]

Contract Management – How to Handle an Acquisition

Posted on by Brett Armstrong

There are a number of reasons why a company acquires another business (market growth, intellectual property, vertical integration, etc.). Whatever that reason, the difference between a successful acquisition and a costly mistake is in the execution. Management has told you what needs to be done, so all you have to do is get it done.  […]

Working with the Big O – Centralize Your Contracts and License Data

Posted on by Brett Armstrong

Oracle is often portrayed as the big bully on the block. Difficult to work with, your contacts never remain the same, there are hidden layers of “approvers” for any deal negotiation with your sales representative, and their pricing model is complex and nontransparent. But, don’t forget that Oracle provides powerful tools in terms of database, […]

On Your Terms: Sit Down With Vendors on Your Schedule!

Posted on by Brett Armstrong

How does someone begin to develop a vendor management program? If you ask Dell for their “Top Tips for Better IT Vendor Management” they say “Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry.”  Essentially, their premise is the worst time to try and manage your vendor is when you need something from them.  I could not disagree more.  […]

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